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A Comprehensive Study On Specialty Silica Market by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

Introduction Specialty silica is widely used in a number of applications such as rubber, paints & coating, agriculture, personal care, food & beverages, etc. as they can absorb moisture and keep things dry. Specialty silica has a huge demand in the manufacturing of green tires. Silica tires are getting popular as they help in decreasing the rolling resistance of a vehicle and helps in improving mileage and better handling. Increasing demand for green tires is expected to boost the market. Its demand in cosmetics and personal care is increasing due to its features of UV protection, and dispersion. Specialty silica is also used in the agrochemical industry to eliminate caking tendency, improve stability, and the productivity of agrochemical products. It is used as a thickening and reinforcing agent in adhesives. It provides abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and improves tear resistance of conveyor belts and transmission belts. Drivers of specialty silic