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A Comprehensive Study On Smart Hospitality Market Size And Share

Introduction The  smart hospitality market is expected to grow with a decent CAGR during the forecast period(2018-2024). Smart hospitality provides smart solutions and automated software which can be used by the people through mobile phones and apps to help them select hotels, room, room types, and other requirements. They enable the hospitality sector to provide excellent customer service to their guests. The growing travel and tourism industry coupled with the rapid growth of IoT in the sector are the key factors driving this market growth. Growing Travel And Tourism Market Rising travel and tourism market  is providing a major boost to the smart hospitality market. As per the data by UNWTO, in 2017, international tourism generated US$ 1.6 trillion in export earnings. An increase in middle and upper-class spending, coupled with a growing inclination towards exotic travel has caused the demand for travel and tourism to explode. Availability of diverse portfolios of the nic