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Large Population Coupled With Lesser Area Activating Growth Of The Plant Activator Market

Introduction Plants are attacked by various microbes out of which many become harmless on account of resistances employed by the plants. However, often this resistance is late or in a lesser amount than required. Plant activators are chemicals that activate plant defense genes against pathogens. They activate the defense genes in plants by providing signals mediated by salicylic acid. They have minimal or no effect on the human body or environment as they don’t contain any pesticide. Plant activators don’t attack pathogens or pests by themselves, they simply induce a self-defense mechanism in plants so that they can defend themselves against an attack also since they don’t interact directly with the pathogens, therefore, plant pathogens develop are unable to develop resistance to these chemicals. Drivers of plant activator market Growing global food insecurity due to the burgeoning population is putting pressure on limited arable land available. As a result, the demand for