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A Complete Study on Occupancy Sensors Market

Introduction The occupancy sensor s market was growing with a decent CAGR during the forecast period(2017-2023). An occupancy sensor is an indoor motion detecting device which is used to detect the presence of a person to automatically control lights, temperature and ventilation systems. Rapid urbanization and rising awareness related to energy conservation are the major factors that are boosting the demand for occupancy sensors. Occupancy sensors are increasingly deployed in various commercial and industrial areas as they not only provide security at home or office but also help in reducing energy use in unoccupied spaces.  Rising Adoption Across End-user Occupancy sensors are increasingly finding  their use in a number of commercial and industrial areas as they provide security and help industries to use resources such as electricity judiciously. Energy conservation is the main driving factor that has encouraged end-users to increase their usage which in turn has a posi