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Microgrid Control Systems Market To Be Worth US$2,378.748 million in 2024

Introduction Microgrid Control System (MCS) enables distribution grid operators to integrate and optimize energy assets to reduce the overall energy cost for a local distribution grid, also known as a microgrid. The MCS provides a simple yet effective solution to integrate fossil fuel-based Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), renewable DERs and energy storage to optimize the operation of a local microgrid to minimize the total cost of operation. It helps in monitoring, controlling, and analyzing microgrid functioning. It helps in reducing the cost of energy and microgrid operation and maintains the continuous power supply. It also helps in preventing the environment as it contains mainly green gases. Drivers Of Microgrid Control System Market                                                Rising investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure are driving the microgrid control systems market. Rapid urbanization is leading to the growing demand for energy and