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Hand Sanitizer – The Indispensable Infection Prevention Product

Hand Sanitizer is usually present as a liquid, gel, or foam that’s used to decrease the taste of spread of infection through the hands by killing the different types of bacteria on it. Most of the time, for extra precaution some individuals wash their hands with water and soap after the use of sanitizers. Hand Sanitizer Market Trends o     The recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a burden on healthcare systems and the economy across the globe has resulted in all the individuals such as the population the healthcare workers and healthcare providers to make use of hand sanitizer in order to effectively clean the hands, after making contact with any object that may be unsanitary. This is a practice, that is being followed so that the spread of the diseases can be curbed. The problems of COVID-19 are plaguing the population to such an extent that there are orders for hand sanitizers coming from around the globe and as there is panic among the population, and this has caus

Rubber Process Oil Market Driven By Increasing Demand of Tires

Introduction Rubber process oil as the name suggests is used to process and manufacture multiple rubber compounds. It is extracted from petroleum crude oil and it improves the physical properties of vulcanization to reduce the cost of end products of rubber compounds. There are mainly 7 types of rubber process oil namely, distillate aromatic extract, treated distillate aromatic extracted (TDAE), residual aromatic extract (Rae), treated residual aromatic extract (TRAE),   paraffinic rubber process oil, mild extracted solvate, and naphthenic rubber process oil. It works as an internal lubricant and performs a cost-efficient extender function. Rubber process oil has several applications in tire, flooring material, footwear, wire and cable coverings, and other applications. Drivers of rubber process oil market Growing tire manufacturing across the globe owing to booming demand from automobiles is one of the major drivers of the rubber process oil market. The growth of the automo

Global Solar Rooftop Market : Industry Report by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

The Global solar rooftop market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.36% during the forecast period, to reach a market size of US$100.246 billion by 2024, from US$36.458 billion in 2018. This growth is driven by the widespread adoption of renewable energy for power generation in which solar energy plays a vital role. Furthermore, the increasing deployment of the bi-directional metering system along with remote monitoring systems for solar rooftop generation is significantly increasing the efficiency of the distributed generation. In addition, the increasing prices of utilities are further anticipated to increase the adoption of rooftop solar in the residential sector. Increasing Prices Of Utilities The global solar rooftop market is expected to have a substantial growth on account of the increasing prices of utilities worldwide. The growing demand for electricity due to rapid urbanization and industrialization in major emerging economies is further driving the demand for elec

Comprehensive Report on Global Drug Delivery by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

The global drug delivery market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.93% to reach US$1,058.792 billion by 2024, from US$669.691 billion in 2018. The market demand for drug delivery devices is fueling owing to the requirement of development of technologies/devices/systems for the controlled and targeted release of drugs into the human body. The growing geriatric population, prevalence of chronic diseases worldwide, rising health expenditure, and growing pharmaceutical industry are the major market drivers of the market. Types of drug delivery devices include inhalation drug delivery devices, inject-able drug delivery systems, nasal drug delivery, oral drug delivery, and trans-dermal drug delivery. These are available in the form of patches, oral pills, nasal sprays, and implantable drug delivery devices among others. Furthermore, growing investments in research and development will provide more opportunities for the market growth during the forecast period and beyond. Global Drug D