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Top 5 Industry Players In Laser Cleaning Market

Coherent, Inc. Overview Coherent established in 1966, is leading photonics manufacturers and innovators. It is providing high performing and highly reliable photonics-based solutions for over 50 years. The main application areas of this are microelectronics, defense and military, OEM components, material processing and life sciences. Coherent has a unique portfolio range like industrial laser machine and systems, DPSS lasers, industrial nanosecond lasers, laser diode modules, CW solid-state lasers among others. Product : Laser Cleaning Market  solution by the company is    AVIA NX, and HighLight FL-1000P Pulsed Fiber Laser.                                                                                                                                                                      IPG Photonics Corporation Overview IPG Photonics Corporation is a global pioneer in high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers which is used primarily in diverse applications