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Heavy Duty Connectors Market: North America Region Expected to Witness Rapid Growth

Heavy Duty Connectors are employed in machinery and facilities in manufacturing, power, railways, and construction industries, among others. The rising adoption of automation in industrial processes for enhancing the transmission of signal and power is expected to drive the growth of this market. Heavy Duty Connectors can also perform their task efficiently under challenging and hazardous situations. Besides, the growing importance of workers’ safety conditions and adjacent governmental regulations are also propelling the growth of this market. Though wiring the connectors is a cumbersome and time-consuming task, the heavy-duty connectors are being more widely used than before with the technological advancements in the connectors.  A major player in this industry “TE Connectivity” launched high current heavy-duty connectors in 2018 for harsh outer environments, particularly for rail and power & energy industries. The company’s product manager claimed that they have built a grea