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A Comprehensive Study on Head Mounted Display Market(HMD) Market

Introduction Head mounted display (HMD) market is projected to grow at a  decent CAGR  over the forecast period(2018-2023).The continuous rise in demand for  head mounted display is attributed to its increasing adoption for various purposes across different industry verticals. Application base is continuously expanding due to rising demand for lightweight HMDs.                                        Falling  prices of microdisplays, coupled with rising demand from defense services is also boosting the growth of the market.  Due to coming up of light wearable technology and rising consumer demand for HMDs, many large players like Intel, Google and Vuzix are entering the HMD market which will further boost the growth of the industry worldwide. Manufacturers are trying to tap the low-cost HMD consumer market, especially in emerging economies as the prices of microdisplays are falling substantially. Falling Prices Of Microdisplays Falling prices of microdisplays is one