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Comprehensive Report on Walk-In Refrigerator Market by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

Walk-In refrigerators are very large, insulated, enclosed spaces, used to store frozen foods and other perishable goods. They operate above 0 degree Celsius, and at or below 13 degree Celsius and are primarily used in food service and food sales industry.  Rising urbanization and modern lifestyle are the factors that are leading to an increased number of restaurants, bars and grocery stores. According to Statistics Canada, the total food services and drinking places has increased from $5,598,518 in 2017 to $6,103,740 in 2018. Therefore, growing food service industry is playing an important role in the growing demand for walk-in refrigerators as they boost stock longevity, preserves stock through even temperature control and provide ample space.  These refrigerators are increasingly being used in healthcare facilities so as to store vaccines and medicines for a longer time. Thus, rising number of vaccinations are expected to augment the demand for walk-in refrigerators in healthcar