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Global Terminal Automation Market Projected to Expand at a CAGR of 4.91% Over the Forecast Period to Reach US$5.783 Billion by 2023

Introduction                                                                                          The terminal automation system helps in monitoring, control, and management of the entire product handling process from receiving to storage and distribution. Terminal automation process can be used for various products such as crude oil, refined oil, liquefied natural gas, and petroleum gas. It can help in utilizing loading systems for ships, trains, trucks, and pipelines. It helps in operational cost-cutting and improving productivity, efficiency & safety. Hardware components of terminal automation are programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, alarms, switches, and cables. Drivers of Terminal Automation Market The continuous increase in investment in the production of oil and gas is leading to the growth terminal automation market. The ability to improve the overall operational efficiency is supplementing the global terminal automation market growth. R