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Global Organometallic Market Dominated by Asia Pacific Region

Introduction Organometallics are the compounds that contain the metal-carbon bond, R-M. These compounds provide a source of nucleophilic carbon atoms, which react with electrophilic carbon to form a carbon-carbon bond. These are widely used in research and industrial chemical reactions, as well as to increase the rate of reactions. Organometallics have a wide range of applications ranging from medicine to agriculture. For example, it is used as an anticancer drug in the form of medicine, whereby it initiates cytotoxic activity towards the cancer cell and thus control metastases. In agriculture, it used in herbicides and fungicides for crop protection. It is also used in the electronics and automotive sectors. Drivers and restraints of Global Organometallic Market Rising applications of organometallic compounds such as stoichiometric and catalytic processes across different end-use industries are driving the global organometallic market growth . An increase in chemical manufact