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Global Ocular Implants Market Driven by Growing Use of Electronics

Introduction Ocular implants are the devices used to replace the damaged ocular or eye parts and helps to restore the vision sharpness or replace the injured eye. Ocular prostheses are the artificial eye implants used for the damages caused to the eye due the eye disease or trauma. Intraocular lenses, corneal implants, and ocular prostheses are the different types of implants used for the treatment of eye disorders. Intraocular Lens is used in the implants as a replacement of the natural eye. Drivers and restraints of Global Ocular Implants Market According to the market research conducted by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence rise in the prevalence of ophthalmic diseases such as glaucoma, scleritis, uveitis, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), and cataract is significantly driving the market for ocular implants. The availability of the customized ocular prosthesis as per the patient’s requirement will also boost the global ocular implants market growth. Excessive usage of