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Global Mixed Signal IC Market: Market Analysis by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

Introduction The global mixed signal IC market is growing with an attractive CAGR during the forecast period(2018-2024) . A mixed signal integrated chip is one that integrates a number of IC designs such as digital circuits, analog, memory, and radio frequency in a single chip.  The miniaturization of the electronic devices is leading to more complex designing that requires several functionalities to be deployed on a single chip, which is boosting the mixed signal IC market. The demand for such design is increasingly gaining traction in the market owing to its burgeoning use across industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, communication and technology, and healthcare among others.  Rising Penetration Of IoT Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those technologies that  is set to become ubiquitous in almost every industry. The affordability of sensor technology is playing an important role in the burgeoning adoption of IoT across industries. Its penetration in ind