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Study of Driving factors of Medical Elastomer Market

Introduction Medical elastomer refers to the natural or synthetic polymer having elastic properties used for manufacturing medical products. Medical elastomers are of two types, thermoset elastomer, and thermoplastic elastomer. They have several applications such as Implants Syringes, Medical Bags, Gloves, Medical Tubes, and Others. They are extensively used in the manufacturing of cardiovascular devices, prosthetic devices, general medical care products, transdermal therapeutic systems, orthodontics, etc. the extensive use of the elastomers is due to biocompatibility, durability, design flexibility, and favorable performance/ cost ratios. Drivers of medical elastomer market The surge in demand for the safe and halogen-free polymers used in manufacturing medical products is boosting the medical elastomers market growth. Growing awareness and adoption of the high-quality healthcare products will also drive the demand for medical elastomers. The shift of medical device manufa