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Comprehensive Report on Global Industrial Safety Market by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

Industrial  safety market is  projected to expand at a  CAGR of 8.13% to reach a market size of US$5.663 billion by 2022, from US$3.831 billion in 2017 .   Industrial safety is referred to the managing of all the events and operations within an industry to protect its employees and machinery by reducing the hazards, risks, and/or near misses. This is being supervised by the federal, state and local laws and regulations which cover a variety of aspects considering the safety of the industry personnel and equipment in the industry. All industries are required to comply with these rules and regulations in order to carry out safe operations and provide a safe working environment for the workers.  OSHA is a primary regulatory body in the United States and is responsible for maintaining safety within an industrial environment. Similarly, the Ministry of  Labour & Employment in India has set certain rules and Acts for maintaining industrial health and safety. This includes the Fact