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Industry Research On Global Genetic Testing Market

Introduction  Global genetic testing market is growing with an attractive CAGR 13.17% over the forecast period(2018-2024).  Genetic testing is the process of carrying out a range of tests on the sample of DNA derived from blood, saliva, skin, and other tissues. Genetic tests are majorly conducted for diagnosing genetic disorders, identifying the mutation in the gene, and designing the treatment package. The growing prevalence of genetic disorders has been instrumental in driving the market.  Growing Prevalence Of Genetic Diseases Genetic testing is used for providing information about an individual’s genes and chromosomes. It is used for several purposes ranging from diagnostic testing to predictive testing. The demand for genetic testing is growing on account of the increasing prevalence of genetic diseases globally. For instance, the estimated incidences of down syndrome, a type of mental retardation caused by extra genetic material in the chromosome, is between 1 in1,000