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A Complete Study on Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market

Introduction Global  Flame Resistant Fabrics Market is projected to witness the growth at a CAGR of 5.73% during the forecast period to reach the total market size of US$5.787 billion by 2022, increasing from US$4.379 billion in 2017. Growing concerns regarding workers’ safety in hazardous working environments are the major driver of global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market. Stringent regulations for the protection of workers are further contributing to the market growth of flame resistant fabrics across the globe.                                  Increasing use of flame-resistant fabric for stage drapery in public places such as school, theatre, and auditoriums will also bolster the market growth over the forecast period. Technological advancement is leading to product innovations, leading to the availability of various new and effective flame resistant fabrics in the market, positively impact the growth of the global flame resistant market over the next five years. Growing case