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An Exhaustive Study on Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Systems Market

Introduction In 2014, the electronic toll collection system is expected to grow at the CAGR of 9.97% with the market size of US$ 7515.10 billion from US$ 4248.70 billion in 2018. The electronic toll collection system is the complex and latest technology for toll collection as it allows the vehicle to pass through without stopping the driver which makes the traffic to flow smoothly, as the electronic toll collection system is capable of charging the toll if there is customer account in the system.                                           The key factors which are increasing the electronic toll collection system market size is due to the growth of electronic and IT industry, regulations applied by the government to control the carbon emission and the infrastructure development by the government is propelling the growth of the market, and also due to the emerging trend toward the electronic toll collection in major developing countries the demand for electronic toll