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Fluorochemical Market Affected by Stringent Government Regulations

Introduction Fluorochemicals are the derivatives of fluorine and are majorly used in industries as blowing agents, refrigerators, air-conditioners, fire extinguishers, and other electronic products, hence hosting a large number of industrial applications in electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and chemicals due to their versatile properties. Their applications include aluminum, blowing agents, refrigerants, components, and others. Fluorocarbons, inorganics, and fluoropolymers are the products of fluorochemicals. Drivers of Fluorochemical Market The market is accelerated by the drivers such as global growth in the aluminum demand due to the increasing use of aluminum in motor vehicles, burgeoning demand for high-performance fluorochemicals and adoption of these in advanced manufacturing of motor vehicles. Developing nations are playing a major role in market growth due to the increasing penetration of fluorochemical based consumer goods. The demand for fluorochemicals