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Rubber Process Oil Market Driven By Increasing Demand of Tires

Introduction Rubber process oil as the name suggests is used to process and manufacture multiple rubber compounds. It is extracted from petroleum crude oil and it improves the physical properties of vulcanization to reduce the cost of end products of rubber compounds. There are mainly 7 types of rubber process oil namely, distillate aromatic extract, treated distillate aromatic extracted (TDAE), residual aromatic extract (Rae), treated residual aromatic extract (TRAE),   paraffinic rubber process oil, mild extracted solvate, and naphthenic rubber process oil. It works as an internal lubricant and performs a cost-efficient extender function. Rubber process oil has several applications in tire, flooring material, footwear, wire and cable coverings, and other applications. Drivers of rubber process oil market Growing tire manufacturing across the globe owing to booming demand from automobiles is one of the major drivers of the rubber process oil market. The growth of the automo