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North America Covers Significant Share of 3d Mapping and Modeling Market

Drivers and restraints of 3d mapping and modeling market The growing technological advancement in 3D devices like 3D scanner and 3D sensors owing to the rise in R&D funding has led to the improvement in the 3D mapping and modeling process which, in turn, is augmenting the market growth. Other factors including the rise in 3D content coupled with the growing demand for 3D models in the media and entertainment industry are increasing the 3D mapping and modeling market size. The growing purchasing power of consumers is driving the demand for 3D-enabled and 3D-supporting devices like smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices further spurring up the demand for the 3D mapping and modeling solutions. Aging population and increase in chronic diseases patients escalate the demand for such solutions in the healthcare industry as the technology assists in the surgical process by mapping human anatomy. However, the need for high initial investment will hamper the market growth durin