Hand Sanitizer – The Indispensable Infection Prevention Product

Hand Sanitizer is usually present as a liquid, gel, or foam that’s used to decrease the taste of spread of infection through the hands by killing the different types of bacteria on it. Most of the time, for extra precaution some individuals wash their hands with water and soap after the use of sanitizers.

Hand Sanitizer Market Trends

o    The recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a burden on healthcare systems and the economy across the globe has resulted in all the individuals such as the population the healthcare workers and healthcare providers to make use of hand sanitizer in order to effectively clean the hands, after making contact with any object that may be unsanitary. This is a practice, that is being followed so that the spread of the diseases can be curbed. The problems of COVID-19 are plaguing the population to such an extent that there are orders for hand sanitizers coming from around the globe and as there is panic among the population, and this has caused a shortage of the disinfecting and sanitization product for the healthcare facilities and healthcare providers.

hand sanitizer market

o    In addition, different types of hand sanitizers are being made available in the market or just to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the consumers by adding some fragrances in the formulation process, which is among one of the direct results of rising consumer awareness and consumer inclination towards health and wellness products.

o    However, there some of the individuals that are still preferring the age-old way of staying safe a still makes of antiseptic soaps, which contain some bare amounts of alcohol in order to effectively sanitize and disinfect their hand,  hence, these factors restrain the growth of the market to some extent.
o Furthermore, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put forward certain recommendations in order to effectively curb the spread of diseases and stay away from other types of bacteria too. 

Some of the fundamentals that they have laid down are-

  §  The sanitizer that is to be used must have e an alcohol strength that is greater than 60%. Although alcohol-based sanitizers with a good amount of content reduce the number of microbes and the chances of infection, they are not able to eliminate tall types of germs.

  §  Hand Sanitizers are only effective when the hands do not have a visible dirty surface, which means that there should not be any material stopping the contact of the hand sanitizing liquid with the skin. Thus, the presence of these guidelines is making the individuals aware about some of the essentials to keep in mind whilst making use of sanitizers, which is leading to an increase in the demand for the product and bolstering the market growth.

Product Offerings by Market Players in Hand Sanitizer Market
Moreover, market players are increasingly participating in the market to advance and enhance the availability of hand sanitizers through online channels. Thus, they are involved in product offerings and expansions to accelerate the development of the Hand Sanitizer, thereby boosting their market position and contributing to the increase in the Hand Sanitizer Market size. Some of the product that is being offered by the major players are as follows-

·         PAUL HARTMANN AG offers its range of Sterilium hand sanitizer in different product types namely, Sterilium gel, and Sterilium, or Sterilium classic pure. All of these products have different types of alcohol and alcohol content present, in them.

·          Recently, in May 2020, GOJO Industries, which s among one of the largest market players and sellers of the famous Purell hand sanitizers announced that they are planning to expand their operations and manufacture more hand sanitizers in order to meet the burgeoning demand


Currently, different types of Hand Sanitizer are available and are expected to hold a significant share in this market and is anticipated to witness a fast growth rate in the upcoming years due to the burgeoning demand from the healthcare professionals due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in the number of bacterial and viral diseases.  With respect to current market trends, it is anticipated that the liquid form hand sanitizers with demand being generated from the healthcare professionals, as the liquid type can be spread easily and have better coverage This is one of the major factors, which will continue to play a role in driving this market. In addition, it will attract many new entrants who will bring new and better changes and enhancements in Hand Sanitizer products. Thus, the market will remain competitive in the upcoming years and it is projected to show modest growth in the upcoming years. 

Key Questions Answered in This Report:

·         What are the key regions having a significant market share of the Hand Sanitizer Market?
·         What are the drivers and restraints of the Hand Sanitizer Market?
·         Who are the key market players in the Hand Sanitizer Market?
·         What is the market segmentation of the Hand Sanitizer Market?
·         Who are the end-users of the Hand Sanitizer Market?

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