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The global blister packaging market is expected to grow at a  decent CAGR during the forecast period(2018-2024). Blister packaging is a type of packaging used to sell products in a cavity which is backed by cardboard paper, aluminum or film seal. The growth is driven by a rise in demand for blister packaging in pharmaceutical, food and consumer goods. Focus on patient compliance, medicine adherence, and product quality is expected to further fuel the blister packaging market growth.
global blister packaging market

Blister Packaging Market By Type:
By type, the market is segmented into compartment, slide and wallet blister packaging. Compartment type holds a considerable portion of blister packaging market size since it is a convenient packaging option for pharmaceuticals, food and consumer goods. In the case of pharmaceuticals, it is increasingly being used since this type of blister packaging helps improve compliance among the patients. The market for wallet and slide packaging is anticipated to grow at a substantial rate over the forecast period. The slide packaging provides the easy open and close option and clearly displays and protects the product. Blister wallets is commonly used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for clinical trials and drugs promotion. The advantage of using wallets in combination with blister strips is that the information printed on the wallet always remains with the drug, unlike the folding boxes where the information is lost once the blister strip is removed from the box.
Blister Packaging Market By Material:
By material, the global blister packaging market is segmented as PVC, PVDC, PP, and others. The blister packaging market share for PVC is expected to be significant owing to the widespread usage of the material in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging, low cost and ease of thermoforming.It is anticipated to grow at a good rate over the forecast period due to its increased use in the manufacturing of cold-form blister films and packaging of consumer goods. But PVC provides poor protection against moisture and oxygen ingress. So PVDC is often coated onto a PVC film as it has very high oxygen and moisture barrier properties. Increasing demand for high barrier protection from the pharmaceutical and food industry is expected to boost the demand for materials such as PVDC, and PP.
global blister packaging market share

Blister Packaging Market By End Use:
By end-user, the global blister packaging market is segmented as consumer goods, food, and pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical segment dominates the market since this type of packaging is primarily used for medicine and other pharmaceutical products packaging to help patients be compliant with the required medicine dosage and timing. In the case of consumer goods, the demand is set to rise over the forecast period since it makes the packaging visually appealing and allows the consumers to view the product before making a purchase decision. Blister packaging is primarily used to pack toys, hardware, and electrical instruments. The food segment is also expected to have a notable growth due to high demand for blister packaging to reduce wastage of food items due to microbes, moisture and other factors during storage, transportation and display. So, the blister packaging market trend is going to be positive for all segments based on end-use.

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