A Complete Study on Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market


Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market is projected to witness the growth at a CAGR of 5.73% during the forecast period to reach the total market size of US$5.787 billion by 2022, increasing from US$4.379 billion in 2017. Growing concerns regarding workers’ safety in hazardous working environments are the major driver of global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market. Stringent regulations for the protection of workers are further contributing to the market growth of flame resistant fabrics across the globe. 
                               global flame resistant fabrics market

Increasing use of flame-resistant fabric for stage drapery in public places such as school, theatre, and auditoriums will also bolster the market growth over the forecast period. Technological advancement is leading to product innovations, leading to the availability of various new and effective flame resistant fabrics in the market, positively impact the growth of the global flame resistant market over the next five years. Growing cases of fire hazards in industries such as chemical, oil and gas, food processing, and paint is projected to augment the demand for flame resistant fabrics during the forecast period.   

 Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market by End-Use Industry

By end-use industry, global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market is segmented as industrial, military and defense, travel and transport, and others. The industrial segment held the largest share of global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market in 2016 and will remain at its position till the end of the projected period. Stringent regulations for workers’ safety in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, construction, and mining, involving hazardous working environments is the major factor behind the dominance of the industrial segment. 
                                     global flame resistant fabrics market share by industry
Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market Share by Industry
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Travel and Transport segment is projected to witness the fastest growth between 2017 and 2022 due to rising usage of flame resistant fabrics in aircraft, automobiles, and railways globally. Booming demand for passenger cars and motorcycles is also contributing to the burgeoning demand of these fabrics. Budding global travel and tourism industry will further propel the of flame resistant fabrics demand growth across this segment. These fabrics are needed to offer superior protection to automobiles against extreme heat and flames, cuts and sharps. Moreover, flame resistant fabrics are also used as insulation in engine compartments, seats, and other areas of the car to reduce heat and minimize the spread of flames in case of accidents. The market search report has covered all segments of this market.


Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market for different industries is projected to grow at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$XX billion in 2022 from US$XX billion in 2017. The high demand for flame resistant fabrics in the industrial segment is majorly due to increasing implementation of stringent regulations for workers’ safety, making the use of fire-resistant apparels mandatory by industries such as oil and gas and chemical. Rising oil and gas exploration activities are also contributing to the Flame Resistant Fabrics Market growth. Per IEA (International Energy Agency), global refinery intake is projected to reach 81.3 mb/d 3Q17, majorly driven by the U.S. and China. Rapid industrialization and infrastructural development in emerging regions like South America and Asia Pacific will drive the demand for flame resistant fabrics for manufacturing and construction applications. Expanding urbanization and growing population is leading to the creation of new cities and buildings, both commercial and residential, thereby positively impacting the Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market growth.   

Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market Share by Region

global flame resistant fabrics market share by region
Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market Share by Region
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Geographically, Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market is segmented as Americas, Europe Middle East, and Africa, and Asia PacificEurope accounted for the largest share of Global Flame Resistant Fabrics Market, in terms of value, in 2016 and will continue its dominance till the end of the forecast period. Stringent regulations regarding workers’ safety is the major driver of European Flame Resistant Fabrics Market. EFRA (European Flame Retardants Association) represents the leading organizations which manufacture, market or use flame retardants in Europe across different end-use industries. Mature automotive industry in European countries such as Germany and Italy are also spurring the demand for flame resistant fabrics for automobiles. Manufacturers of flame retardant components and parts of the automotive industry are required to manufacture products that strictly adhere to EU regulations. 

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