Comprehensive Report on Global Fluorochemicals Market by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

Fluorochemicals are synthetically produced chemicals that are persistent towards aggressive physical and chemical conditions in industrial processing. They are used in many different chemicals ways and are used in applications that includes HVAC applications (Air conditioning and refrigeration), specialty applications (specialty gases such as Aerosols, polyurethane and polystyrene foams, fire extinguish-ants, chamber cleaning and dielectric etching for IC fabrication and flat panel displays), and specialty fluids.

Growing semiconductor manufacturing in both developed and developing economies is driving the demand for these chemicals as they are commonly used for plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing. Rising urbanization and disposable income across the globe are leading to an increased demand for consumer goods such as flat panel displays which in turn is augmenting the fluorochemicals market growth. Moreover, increased consumption of polyurethane foam across industries such as automotive, building and construction, furnishing, electronics,

fluorochemicals market analysis
Sample view of Fluorochemical Market share by region
However, growing health concerns regarding these chemicals is restraining the fluorochemicals market growth as these chemicals are difficult to break down and have a tendency to accumulate in both humans and environment. Countries such as Norway and Canada have passed strict regulations around the use of some Fluorochemicals and the US industries have voluntarily phased out the production of the fluorochemicals which accumulate most in humans. We are providing market research for fluorochemical market share with respect to growing demands in manufacturing and rapid urbanization.
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Geographically, Asia Pacific held a significant share in the market on account of rapid industrialization and urbanization in the region. Burgeoning demand for consumer goods is expected to grow the electronics and semiconductor industry in the region which in turn is expected to bolster the fluorochemicals market growth.   




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